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The Raid VTT SCOTT les Chemins du Soleil is organized by Raid VTT, Association law 1901 registered with INSEE with SIRET 503 707 614 00015, whose head office is at Town Hall, 26620 Lus la Croix Haute France.


This document defines:

- the general rules of the event,

- the general conditions of sale applicable to any order of bibs and/or options offered by the organizer to participate in the event.


This document supplements the conditions of use of the online registration platform, managed through a service provider for our needs. The online registration platform is a service that facilitates contact between the organizer and the participant. The online registration platform is in no way the organizer of the event.

Consequently, for the sale of products or services relating to the event, a sales contract is formed solely between you and the Organiser. The Organizer is responsible for sales of products or services relating to the event, complaints or any other problem arising or related to the sales contract between you and the Organizer.


In the event of a contradiction between the terms of the Conditions of Use of the service provider's online registration platform, these General Conditions of Sale and the Rules of the event, the terms of the Regulations shall prevail over the General Conditions. of Sale, which themselves will prevail over the Terms of Use of the online registration platform.


The Organizer may revise and update the General Conditions of Sale and the Rules at any time; please review them regularly. All changes that are made will apply immediately after being notified, by any means, including by posting a revised version hereof on the event In the event of a major change to the General Conditions of Sale and/or the Rules, the Organizer will endeavor to notify you by e-mail to the e-mail address provided when you registered online.


Denomination of the parts, proofs of this document

  • the organizer, designates the Raid VTT association

  • "you", "your", "your", "rider", refers to the participant in the event

  • Raid VTT SCOTT Chemins du Soleil, refers to the event

  • Elite RAID, designates the Elite event of the event

  • Rando RAID, refers to the Hiking event of the event






The event is open to everyone, licensed and unlicensed, under the conditions defined below.



- Access on pre-selection. A file will be approved by the jury beforehand

- Access to participants with a license issued by a federation authorizing the practice of cycling and or mountain biking in competition, with the mention medical certificate for the practice of the competition (UCI, FFC, UFOLEP, FSGT, FFTRI, FEDERATION DE CYCLISME NATIONALE DU COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE)

- The other participants (licensees of a national federation not mentioned above or without any license) must provide: A copy of a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of sport in competition dating from less than one year on the day of the race + 3 days. That is to say on the date of the day of arrival on Sunday.

A medical certificate template is available for downloadon the website


RAID hike: The provision of a medical certificate or a license is not mandatory because the event is not timed.


The raid is not accessible to minors in the Elite RAID and Rando RAID event(18 years old at the arrival date of the raid on Sunday)

The use of an electrically assisted mountain bike is prohibited on the 2 events. Including the use of any other motorized or non-motorized machine not falling under the ATV category. Tandems are accepted but we do not recommend this type of mountain bike on our committed and technical courses. The organizer reserves the right, depending on the edition, to refuse them access if the route is deemed unsuitable for the practice of tandem mountain biking.



The event is divided into 2 categories of events:

Elite RAID: It is run in teams of two and in solidarity (women's, mixed or men's teams) Team members must stay in contact all along the route.. . The event is timed and gives rise to a general classification and by categories (Men, Women, Mixed). The event is divided into 4 stages: 1 night stage on Thursday evening and 3 stages from Friday to Sunday.


Rando RAID: It is run individually and without timing or classification. The event is divided into 3 stages from Friday morning to Sunday.




The course is divided into 3 main stages + a night prologue (Elite RAID event only)

The 2 events take place on the same stages from Friday morning to Sunday mid-afternoon.

Time gates may be imposed by the organizer depending on the length and difficulty of a stage. A second route will then be offered to participants to join the day's stage. This alternative route may include portions of roads for reasons of convenience and speed of travel.

The stages are generally long and involved. This event is mainly aimed at trained practitioners who are accustomed to steep mountain terrain.

The distances and profiles of the stages are available



Signposting is present all along the stages, butuse of GPS is mandatory. Due to the length of the stages, even if the organizer implements this with care and checks the markings 1 to 2 hours before the passage of the participants, the organizer cannot guarantee 100% that the markings are not vandalized. or modified by someone outside the event.


The routes are developed in consultation with local authorities and landowners. Authorizations to pass are often temporary and reserved exclusively for the smooth running of the event. This is why the organizer only distributes the gps readings of the stages one week before the date of the event and only 3 days before for the Elite RAID night stage.


We ask all participants not to subsequently distribute the gps tracks of the event, whether in their private circle or on websites or applications that host and distribute gps track databases.


For the safety of all participants,you must imperatively respect the HIGHWAY CODE throughout the event as well as the specific instructions recalled at the briefing by the race director, volunteers and representatives of the order along the course. Staff will be present at certain road intersections deemed dangerous but it is not possible to have people at all crossing points. We remind you that the entire course is open to traffic and other modes of travel.


The route may be modified at any time if the organization judges that certain conditions interfere with the initial route. For example, after severe weather that led to a landslide, snow on the high passes ....

Any modification will be announced on the website or during a briefing if the fact occurs during the race.



Access to the starting line before each stage must be done by respecting the times communicated during the briefings. Without instructions to the contrary, the Elite RAID teams or participants in the Rando RAID arrive 20 minutes before the official departure time for pre-grid.

Competitors must pass the check-in before the starting grid. Any omission or breach will put the Elite RAID team or the Rando RAID participant out of the race and they will be reported as non-runners and not classified if necessary.


Only complete ELITES RAID teams will be allowed to start. An Elite RAID competitor alone may be authorized to take the start in the touring formula, after agreement with the race management. The team will be disqualified and the time of the rider alone will not be published in the rankings.

In Elite RAID the first 10 teams overall and the first three mixed and female teams will be placed at the top of the starting grid. The start is given en masse at a fixed time. Any delay will imply the downgrading of the team in Rando RAID formula.


In Rando RAID, access to the airlock is free 10 minutes before the start of the event. Each participant must pass through the starting line, symbolized by the arch and the line on the ground. Any failure or late departure (i.e. 15 minutes after the scheduled time) will result in the participant's abandonment and exclusion from the event. This will therefore no longer be the responsibility of the organizer.Similarly, it is strictly forbidden, on pain of exclusion from the race, to anticipate the start and leave with the elites or in the time between the last elite and the mass start on a hike.

A closing mountain bike team will start 15 minutes after the official start time of the Rando RAID, to ensure the closing and unmarking of the day's stage.



Participants must pass through the finish line to be ranked in Elite RAID or considered to have arrived in Rando RAID.

The Elite RAID chrono stop can be done before the official finish for security reasons. Competitors will then reach the official finish line on a marked and untimed section.

The time measurement in Elite RAID is made on the arrival of the second teammate. The progression of the 2 team members during the race must be done on sight, and in any event, at a maximum distance of 50 meters from each other. The organization will penalize in time any team that does not respect this rule. This observation remains at the discretion of the organizer and the race director. The infringement may be observed and reported to the race director by the volunteers and staff of the organization at all points of the course.



The SCOTT Les Chemins du Soleil MTB raid is an itinerant event. The departure and final place of arrival are therefore not in the same place.

  • The welcome of the participants takes place on the Thursday of the ascent in the early morning and until 6:30 p.m. All participants must present themselves during this time slot to collect their frame plate and access bracelet

  • The night prologue stage of the Elite RAID event takes place on Thursday evening from 9:30 p.m.

  • The following days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, constitute a daily stage whose departure and arrival are not at the same places.

  • For the safety of participants, time gates may be imposed.

The organizer takes care of the logistics of transporting personal effects from the daily departure and arrival points. The luggage will be deposited at the entrance of the bivouac site daily and picked up the next day at the same place.



The progression must be done in teams of 2 throughout the duration of the event.

The organization indicates the time gates beyond which any team arriving at this gate will have to take a faster alternative route to reach the finish. The team will be out of classification and will no longer be able to start in the Elite RAID category for the following days. . The athletes concerned will be authorized to start in Rando RAID.

In addition to the time gates, competitors in Elite RAID will have to complete the course in a maximum time not to be exceeded in order to keep their Elite bib. At the end of each of the stages, the maximum time will be determined according to the time of the first according to the following rule:

180% of the time for the first of the day's stage.

In this case the Elite RAID bib will be removed and a Rando RAID bib will be given in exchange so that the team members can complete the raid. Competitors who do not submit to this downgrading will be excluded. A steward will notify them of their exclusion and will note the frame plate number. The team will then no longer be taken care of (rescue, transfer of luggage, transfer of the mountain bike and the person, etc.)



The classification is given according to the following categories

Stage of the day

  • Scratch Men

  • Scratch Women

  • Mixed Scratch


  • Men

  • Women

  • mixed




Progress outside the compulsory route will result in immediate disqualification. A team of mobile controllers may immediately disqualify competitors who fail to comply. Other penalties: This list is not exhaustive and penalties may be imposed by the race directors.

Time penalties depending on the penalties observed


Not classified: on-board timing device missing or lost 

Out of the race: 3rd report of missing equipment / assistance during the race / progress off the official route

Penalty +1 hour: Abandonment of rubbish on the course / Failure to comply with the safety rules set out in the road book 

MALUS + 10 minutes: 2nd report of missing equipment / 2nd warning for not progressing as a group (gap of more than 15 seconds between 2 team members) / absence of fluorescent waistcoat and front or rear light on the night stage

MALUS + 3 mn : 1st report of missing equipment / 1st warning for not progressing in a group (gap greater than 15 seconds between 2 team members)



Except in the case of injury, if a participant wishes to abandon he must, as far as possible, abandon at a signaling checkpoint along the course. He must then report to the post manager, who notes his bib number and informs the race direction.

_ Either the runner is invited to join the nearest road to return directly to the bivouac

_ Either the checkpoint is accessible to a sweeper vehicle and the runner is taken care of

_ Either the runner must go to the nearest point of support by a vehicle of the organization


In case of abandonment on the course following an accident and an evacuation to a hospital, take care of yourself, the emergency services will have informed us of the situation. We will contact you to hear from you and organize the recovery of your personal belongings.


Any abandonment at the end of a stage must be reported at the finish line to the person in charge of timing and participant check-ins.


Following an abandonment during a stage or at the end of a stage:


-This one is temporary for today's stage: You can start the next day on the next stage. In Elite RAID you will no longer be classified, and you will start in the Rando RAID wave;

- If you have to skip a stage, we will transport your belongings to the next stage, but you will be asked to organize your transfer to the next stage by bus, train or taxi and at your own expense.

-Definitive: You leave the race and the organization is no longer in charge of managing your personal belongings and your return to your vehicle.

It is strictly forbidden to leave the race without reporting this fact at the finish line.


Failure to comply with this point of regulation will result in a flat rate billing of €100 excluding actual research costs. The organizer may take legal action for having initiated research due to your negligence. The state can also take legal action against you directly.




- helmet

- survival blanket (1 per person)

- warm clothes (1 fleece, 1 waterproof breathable jacket, 1 tights

long, 1 hat, 1 pair of long gloves).

- 1 GPS (In Elite RAID 1 for the minimum team, in Rando RAID 1 for a group of 5 maximum)

- 1 mobile phone (In Elite RAID 1 for the minimum team)

- 1 repair kit per person

- 1 first aid kit per person on a raid hike andONE PER TEAM IN ELITEwith the following 

1 compression bandage / 1 hook-and-loop bandage / 5 compresses / 1 disinfectant / 1 eye drops / 1 plaster / a few bandages / 1 analgesic left to the discretion of the rider and his doctor / 1 antihistamine



In addition to the mandatory elements above, the night stage will require the equipment listed below:

o a fluorescent yellow vest per runner

o 1 front light and 1 rear light in working order and switched on before the start for each runner


You will be told at each briefing if you can dispense with certain elements depending on the announced weather conditions.


All participants must also wear the equipment provided by the organization: mountain bike plate, bracelets, timing device and/or live tracking.

Competitors are semi-autonomous on each stage. 2 to 3 refreshments are planned per section. Provide food according to your needs and carry the necessary water to last between two supplies.




6.1.1 If the event is a touring one :

the organiser will carry 1 travel bag per participant and a tent (1 for 2 people in the Elite version).

Luggage transferred by the organiser is limited to 30 kg per person (bag + tent). If the weight is exceeded, the competitor will be informed and will have to transfer his luggage by his own means (taxi...). Luggage weighing more than 30 kg will be deposited at the start site. The organisers will keep it for 10 hours. After this period, the organisation is no longer responsible for baggage that has not been collected by its owner.

Any baggage not deposited daily at the loading site on the day will not be transferred to the next stage.

All luggage must be identifiable with the race number. We strongly advise you to bring labels, stickers with markers to identify your bags.

Metal canteens, tool boxes, repair bags and mountain bike spare parts in addition to the travel bag, coolers, etc. will not be taken in charge by the organiser.


6.1.2 If the format of the event is designed to take place from a single camp site, luggage transport is no longer offered.


The organization will provide a closed and supervised mountain bike park at each stage.Access to the park is strictly reserved for participants of the Raid VTT, provided with the unique and inviolable bracelet. The wristband number will need to match the frame plate number in order to enter and exit the park. A lock is mandatory to deposit your mountain bike in the park.

All entry and exit is final. Repair or maintenance in the mountain bike park is strictly prohibited. The opening and closing times of the park are communicated in the official program of the raid.



2 to 3 refreshments per day will be available depending on the difficulty of the stage. There is no midday meal on the stages. The aid stations are suitable for mountain biking over long stages.

Evening meals are provided by a caterer. The start and end times of service are communicated on the official program of the raid.

Meals of your stay on the raid: Thursday evening, Friday evening, Saturday evening, Sunday noon.

Breakfast for your stay on the raid: Friday morning, Saturday morning, Sunday morning


The short circuit and organic products are favored by our caterer. However, only one menu per day is on the program. We can not take into account the dietary constraints of each and specific diets. We advise these people to plan ahead to complete the meals we offer.



A mountain bike wash is available at each stage finish. Mechanical assistance is provided by a partner. You will find there if necessary spare parts, and a mechanical service for the repair or adjustment of your bike. Rates are available directly from the mechanical stand. This assistance is limited to so-called standard parts and needs. In the event of the unavailability of a component necessary for the repair of your mountain bike, the partner may, within the limits of its capacities, offer you a mountain bike rental to complete the raid.



We mean by bivouac, the provision of a location in a campsite or on land suitable for a tent only.

Vehicles, caravans, camping cars are not authorized on the bivouac sites. Parking spaces outside the bivouacwill be indicated in the smartphone the Mountain Bike Raid.

Toilets and showers will of course be available at the bivouacs. 

This provision is made to accommodate the tents of all competitors. Otherwise, it is impossible to place all the competitors.



We no longer offer accommodation + meals for the Elite and Rando Raid participants. Only runners with bibs are accepted on the bivouac site and at meals. Your assistants must be autonomous on these 2 logistic points.

During the race, you can benefit from external logistic support to get supplies or mechanical assistance.  Be careful however because this external support is only authorized on the zones indicated by the organizer. These areas are identified on the general map of the course, in the GPS waypoints and on the smartphone application raid VTT. Any assistance outside the zone will result in the disqualification of the participant(s). see point 4.3 of the regulations


The organization offers a bus shuttle service upstream of the raid to drop off a vehicle on arrival the day before departure. The terms and prices are specified on the raid website. This service is optional.

The transport of your mountain bike in the trailers chartered by the service providers for Raid VTT is not insured. We require that mountain bikes transported with the option (BUS+MTB at €40) be protected by the rider before loading (foam, cover, bubble wrap, etc.)

Please note there is no shuttle bus service on Sunday to reach the welcome site on Thursday. Participants who have not anticipated this logistical point on Thursday via our shuttles, will then have to find transport on their own.



The organization has a rescue system validated by the prefecture. It is made up of mobile doctors in the race and in the stage villages, emergency and fire services (SDIS).

In the event of a problem, it is imperative to notify the organization as soon as possible via the telephone number which will be communicated to you at the briefing and in the raid VTT smartphone application, or to contact a member of the staff who has a radio, or to dial 112 directly from your mobile, when the emergency requires it.

On medical advice, the organization reserves the right to disqualify and remove from the course any person it deems unfit to continue the event. Any participant calling on a doctor or first aider submits to their authority and undertakes to fully accept their decisions. If necessary, and in the interest of the rescued person, the rescue teams are called in, who then take over the management of operations and implement all appropriate means, including helicopters.

Anyone who has undergone a medical or surgical intervention must inform the organization. In the absence of this declaration, the organization cannot be held responsible in the event of a major incident.






Any commitment implies the acceptance of the GENERAL REGULATIONS and the GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE.

The general regulations may be supplemented during the pre-race briefings in the event of exceptional and unforeseen events. Competitors undertake by signing these regulations to respect the rules of sports ethics, in particular with regard to French law in the fight against doping, the rules of life in the bivouac spaces, respect for the practice of mountain biking environmentally friendly. Any proven act of incivility will be immediately sanctioned by exclusion from the event. The participant involved will then be forced to leave the race and organize his logistics to leave the event and return home.



Registration for the events of the event is done exclusively on the registration platform used by the organizer. Payment is made online at the time of validation of your registration. Access to the registration platform is indicated by a clickable button

Only online registrations will be accepted. Registrations by email, payment by bank transfer or check will be refused.

Any person who reserves for one or more other person(s) is jointly and severally liable for the payment of the full amount of the registration.

The opening dates for registration will be communicated on, by newsletter to subscribers, and on our social networks.

Registration in Elite is only possible after a pre-selection on preliminary file by the internal jury of the association.

• Approval of the race jury on the skills of the athletes vis-à-vis the event. The team must first submit a participation request form (composition of the team, recent record of the 2 team members)

• If the jury accepts this request, a message with the registration procedures and sent to the team.

• If the jury declines this request, the 2 team members will then be able to register for the Rando RAID event within the limits of the places available and according to the conditions of participation in article 1.

The team receives a registration confirmation once payment has been accepted. Proof of participation is available in the customer area on our partner's website.



Prices are available on the raid website For security reasons, the organization limits the number of competitors

  • Rando RAID bib: €240

  • Elite raid bib: €480 per team

  • VIP wash bike: €30

  • VIP camp: €200

Details of services are available

All commitments are personal, firm and definitive. No transfer of registration to a third party or postponement to a later date is authorized for any reason whatsoever.



You do not have the conventional withdrawal period. Purchases of leisure services provided on a specific date are exempt: “Leisure services” means the purchase of a bib, accommodation, a meal ticket, etc. You do not benefit from the right of withdrawal on the purchase of leisure services which must be provided on a date or according to a determined periodicity, in accordance with the legal provisions of article L. 121-20-4 of the Consumer Code



Any person retroceding his bib to a third party will be held liable in the event of an accident occurring or caused by the latter during the event. The organization declines all responsibility in the event of an accident faced with this type of situation and reserves the right to definitively exclude the competitor from the raid upon discovery of the facts.



In accordance with the legislation in force, the Organizer has taken out insurance covering the pecuniary consequences of its civil liability, that of its employees and of all the participants in the event. With regard to the civil liability of the participants, the intervention of this insurance for the latter is limited to accidents that they could cause during the course of the Event.

You are strongly recommended to take out “Personal accident” insurance or to check that your insurance policy includes this guarantee. This point is very important. We are insured in case of fault on our part. If you fall and injure yourself without our liability being called into question; it is your personal accident insurance that works, hence the importance of checking that you are covered for mountain biking and knowing the amount of the guarantees and benefits covered guaranteeing the payment of capital in the event of bodily injury (death or permanent disability) due to an accident occurring on the course of the event. Our organization does not cover compensation for bodily injury and damage to property of participants.

FFC licensees are not covered by the individual FFC guarantee.




The Organizer undertakes to describe with the greatest accuracy the services and products offered on The Organizer cannot be held liable in the event that the non-performance of its obligations is attributable either to the unforeseeable and insurmountable event of a third party to the contract, or to a case of force majeure as defined by article 1218. of the Civil Code and by French case law. In this case the reimbursement of the participants cannot be exercised.



We remind you that any commitment is personal, firm and final, and cannot be reimbursed for any reason whatsoever without cancellation insurance and that no transfer of registration is authorized for any reason whatsoever.

We strongly invite participants  to take out individual cancellation insurance with an insurer and to check the conditions and reasons for cancellation such as illness or hospitalization, death of a loved one, family reasons imperative, refusal of employer leave, covid19...

The online registration platform offers the option of taking out Mutuaide BeTicketing cancellation insurance when paying online. Like any individual insurance, this only concerns the participant, excluding the cancellation of all or part of the event. In this case, refer to article 10 of these regulations.

Cgv of Mutuaide insurance:

The BEticketing guarantee reimburses 80% of the amount of your bib + the options taken out on the event in the event of an unforeseen event

You are protected in case of Covid19 infection

All-cause insurance, without exclusion, without proof, valid up to 24 hours before the date of the event, 100% digital.

BEticketing is valid for participants worldwide.


Read the product information sheet, the ipid and the general conditions of insurance en click here



The organizer will reimburse, on the basis of the rates in force at the time of payment, the full amount of the registration (excluding bank transaction costs for registrations relating to the online registration platform and optional insurance) if the race had to be canceled on his own due to a fault on his part.

In the event of cancellation imposed by a competent authority for health reasons (generally the State), the organization will guarantee a REIMBURSEMENT OF THE REGISTRATION FEES PAID BY THE PARTICIPANT, MINIMIZED BY A FIXED AMOUNT FOR EXPENSES INCURRED BY THE ORGANIZER, according to the following terms:

- 100% refund on the VIP Bivouac, VIP washbike, bus and pedestrian shuttles options




The organizer will contact the participant within 15 days following the cancellation of the event to inform him of the reimbursement request procedure to be followed. Reimbursement will then take place within 30 days of receipt of the required information. Beyond 30 days after the date of official publication of the cancellation of the event, any request for reimbursement will be null and void.



By participating in the event, the competitors authorize the organizer and his successors in title to use and reproduce his name, his image and his voice within the framework of the Raid VTT e-bike SCOTT les Chemins du Soleil, with a view to on communication and promotion media. And this throughout the world and by all means known to date.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, you have the right to access and rectify personal data concerning you. Through us, you may receive proposals from other companies or associations. If you do not wish it, it is enough to write to us by indicating us your names, first names, addresses.

Registration for the event necessarily implies for the competitor to receive electronic newsletters concerning technical and informative elements related to the event.



Any request can be sent by email to or by post to Raid VTT Mairie 26620 LUS LA CROIX HAUTE.

During the event the referent is the race director.

Any complaint received 2 days after the end date of the raid will be considered null and void.

By ticking the box on the registration form, you sign and automatically accept the rules of the event.


Read the High Cross



VTT Association

Mairie 26620 Lus La Croix Haute

President Marc Balskovic

Race director Hervé Simon


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