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Starting grid

2024 announces another great battle in all categories. 7 women's teams, 8 mixed duos and 83 men's teams.

Alex Barberoux and Maxime Folco return to defend their 2023 title but each on their own. Alex will be associated with Emeric Turcat (6 victories already!). There is no doubt that this team is coming to win the 21st edition, but the task will not be so easy.

Looking at the men's elite grid, the race will be exciting.

Among the ladies, the battle will also be tough, there are specialists in the marathon format. Ilona Chavaillaz 2nd in 2023 for only 9 minutes returns associated with a new teammate Maya De Backer.

As for mixed teams, the balance to perform is certainly the hardest to find. But there is no doubt that the race will be exciting with drivers who are often found in long distance events.

Meet on May 12 in Veynes to discover the podiums. And live to vibrate during these 3 days.


Mutual aid,

When we talk about commitment, we're not just talking about communication. Some of the sections are really exposed, the trails are sometimes very technical and the cumulative altitude difference is generally around 10,000 m for the 4 stages. 
However, many of you underestimate these real difficulties and don't arrive prepared or don't have the level required for this event. We are fully booked within 3 hours, 6 months before the event, and we are not looking to recruit at any price. Our aim is to have participants who can cope with the technical and physical demands of the routes, as well as the rusticity of the bivouacs. The raid is also a return to basics, a way of reconnecting with our environment without the luxury and pomp. Living in a group for 4 days is a great way to meet new people, with bivouacs on campsites or in natural areas under canvas, and organic, locally sourced meals.


We are convinced, as organizers, that our event is fantastic. We do not claim, unlike some, that it is the most beautiful raid in Europe, firstly because that would be very presumptuous and we are far from having run all the raids on our continent, to allow ourselves this kind of declaration. The success of the registrations, the glowing feedback from competitors, the commitment of our loyal partners to our side... confirms us in our orientations and through these few lines, we hope that you will get a better idea of what we offer .




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Mountain bike area

Sources of Buëch



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