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3 services for your well-being



A massage service for better muscle recovery withteam Massages Event.

A massage according to Ayurveda!

This is traditional Indian medicine. It is a holistic method that continues to prove itself in the sporting field.

Facilitate your recovery with a leg or back massage (or even both) and benefit from specific sports advice.

Made with organic oils and made in France, this massage will be the ally of your mind and your body on the Chemins du Soleil.


For several years Massages Event has been present at numerous sporting events.…


Book your massage quickly and come and enjoy an additional experience during your MTB Raid on the Chemins Du Soleil….

NB: A massage service is already included in the VIP bivouac pack

Osteopathy services are, however, included for all competitors, with your registration, at no extra cost.

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The Beautysané Credo "Feed the Change by Beautysané": helps to release everyone's potential through increased nutrition, with 23 vitamins and minerals, a source of fiber and high digestibility.

Indeed, studies prove that in 30 years we have lost 30% of the nutritional value of our food, which has many consequences on our body, fatigue, irritability, poor sleep, weight gain, illnesses, injuries... Thus researchers at Beautysané have been working for more than 15 years to find healthy, balanced solutions to give us back the fishing!!!


Innovative nutritional solutions!

Energy Diet, our flagship product, as well as our food supplements and drinks are developed, manufactured and packaged in France by our production unit, in compliance with French and European food standards. We are exploring new ways of imagining the food of tomorrow with our research and development department and through numerous collaborations.


A brand with taste!!

Beautysané relies on research and innovation, without ever forgetting taste and the pleasure of eating. Our priority: to offer balanced, complete, practical and delicious meals, with many flavors!

Since 2012, our products have been awarded “flavors of the year” each year by a jury made up of several hundred consumers. The way we eat is the backbone of our lives. Beautysané wants you to enjoy life, enjoy it with taste!

Not marketed in mass distribution, our brand wants to stay as close as possible to the consumer, our community and our advisers are there to provide you with appropriate follow-up.  to your needs.


During the Chemins du Soleil mountain biking event, 3 advisers will be present: Caroline, Cécile and Olivier


Caroline Beautysane

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ACTION OSTEO provides a free osteopathy service for all participants. Osteopathy is a so-called “alternative” therapy. After observing your posture, osteopaths use fine palpation to detect tensions or imbalances that cause pain and then perform manipulations to restore balance.

Baptiste and his whole team will be at your service from Friday to Saturday evening on stage arrivals

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