Tracks : The very best of singletrack

We have selected the most attractive “singles tracks” for you in the Drôme and Hautes-Alpes surrounded by sumptuous countryside. These tracks, often specialised and demanding, have made the Raid VTT famous. Before leaving home, you will have the GPS track and you can also download tracks on a topographic map, as well as longitudinal profiles. The track is entirely marked. For the night stopover, reflective beacons are used.

Refreshment stops

Two to three refreshment stops are planned per stage with local products and nutrition adapted to the physical effort required. The quality of the refreshment stops is unbeatable and the contestants praise our organisation every year


The caterer and his team prepare organic meals and produce from small local suppliers. The quality is exceptional. Only breakfast is more traditional. 

Medical assistance

This is an exceptional medical station with a budget of more than 17.000e allocated to safety. Three emergency doctors, some 30 fire fighters equipped to travel off-track and rescuers specialising in responding in hazardous environments. Your safety is our priority.

 A team of osteopaths is available every evening to facilitate your recovery


The Organisation has reserved, at each stage, camping or bivouac areas for all contestants. You will set up your tent in a large bivouac on the same site: a pleasant and friendly atmosphere between cyclists, and souvenir photos are the order of the day. The only weak point remains the showers as there is not always enough hot water for everyone, but we are doing our best to improve in this area.

Baggages transfert

We take charge of your baggage and organise its transfer to the bivouacs every day. The maximum weight allowed per contestant is 30 kg. Beyond this, bags will be refused and consigned to the departure area until 10am. Competitors must then organise their own transfer.

Sunstainable development

Our event carries the label “eco-event”. Organic meals, recyclable utensils, selective sorting, car-pooling, etc. We take the concerns of owners and area managers very seriously and work well ahead of time on choosing the itinerary.


A team of osteopaths is available every evening to facilitate your recovery

Mechanical assistance

We offer a mechanical assistance service, at a stage point and at arrival points. The service provider invoices for his hours and, while he has many spare parts, he cannot cover the entire range of parts required.

SCOTT assistance

Only for bikers riding on scott mountain bike

GPS Tracking Elite race

Elite racers can enjoy a tracking service. Their friends, family, sponsors, etc. can then follow their progress in real time on the web, on a background map or on Google earth. Cyclists can ask for this device as an option.

Professional timing is set up with the IPICO system. For elites, this is coupled with a SPORT IDENT control system for the mandatory CPs. 

The mountain bike challenge is not timed and does not provide a ranking. The timing device is used at departures and arrivals only, for your safety


A formula has been created for assistants ELITE only. A specific road-book is given to them indicating which points they are allowed to access. Acces all meals and camping facilities in tente. 


Three photographers cover the challenge, including one who offers an online order service. A video production company will make a film and you can watch this on special channels or on our site.

Podiums - Prizes

The Organisation provides each cyclist with a gift produced in the hosting area and/or a partner gift at the finish line.

Approximately €7,000 of prizes are on offer at the podiums for the different elite categories, and consists of top-of-the-range mountain bike equipment and local products.

The strength of Raid VTT lies of course in its network of volunteers; a fantastic team of

12 people who work all year round to prepare this exceptional challenge and more than

400 people over the four days (professionals and volunteers) to enable you to make the most of this event.

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